Is Beauty Still Relevant Today?

The world looks a little bleak right now, does it not? The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone. Lifestyle choices and priorities have been altered. Even the perspectives of people regarding everyday life have had long-lasting repercussions. With such a depressing atmosphere, how important is beauty, especially in a world where wearing a mask is the new normal?

You might be surprised, but keeping yourself looking good is as important as ever. Let me tell you why.

Looking Good and Feeling Good

Here at, looking good AND feeling good are the main motivators. And you cannot have one without the other. Be honest: how can you truly have outstanding looks if within, you are a mess? And the reverse of that is also true. You cannot be a bundle of joy inside if it does not reflect on the outside.

Now, it might sound cheesy, but there is something to be said about the power of positive thinking. Thoughts are where everything starts. We cannot really do anything without first thinking about it. This is fact. It’s science, even.

With that in mind (pun intended), then it is entirely no surprise how important looking good is. It remains a key component in keeping a healthy body and mind.

Beauty = Empowerment

Beauty Creates Positivity.

There is much that can be said about how beauty makes a person feel empowered. And you cannot discount how that feeling can help fight against depression and stress. There are a lot of both of these negative emotions displayed across the globe as it is. Empowering emotions like feeling beautiful with how you look can help dispel these.

With the situations prevalent in the world today, it can be challenging to feel empowered. The truth is, many people feel helpless at this point in time. So every little bit that engenders this emotion is always welcome.

So this is a call to reassure you, my friends, especially all the women. Keep taking care of yourself, including your looks.

Beauty in Everything We See and Do

Here is a question for you: how do you feel when you see a glorious sunrise? What do you feel when you look at the stars on a clear night sky? Now, do you feel the same when you look at the mirror? You should. And if not, then you have the power to change that attitude.

Remember what we said earlier about thoughts affecting our reality? The same applies here, too. Don’t think about the negativity. Focus on the positivity. And if nothing else, beauty attracts positive thoughts. Hence, it influences your life, too.

If nothing else, putting effort into looking good for yourself keeps you from losing yourself. So go ahead:

  • Break out the Makeup kit – Practice your cosmetic skills!
  • Dress up – Check out your wardrobe. Look at what you can work with. You’ll discover new looks that you never thought could look great on you.
  • Take Pictures – Whether you have tons of stills or record videos, go right ahead. This is a great way to keep a journal for future reference.

Just look at how many others do the same things online. Some even make it their livelihood, like the Instagram models that are all the rage these days. And if you think you have what it takes to do the same, power to you!

Random Questions

What is the relevance of beauty?

Beauty holds significance in maintaining a healthy body and mind, fostering positive emotions, and combating feelings of depression and stress.

What are today’s standards of beauty?

Today’s standards of beauty encompass diverse representations, emphasizing empowerment and positivity, while promoting self-care and confidence.

What does beauty mean in today’s world?

In today’s world, beauty signifies empowerment, positivity, and self-care, influencing emotions and fostering confidence amidst global challenges.

How does beauty standards affect today’s society?

Beauty standards impact society by influencing perceptions of self-worth and confidence, contributing to positive emotions and empowerment amidst global challenges.

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