Best Yoga Poses for Breast Growth

Yoga remains one of the most popular exercises for health. In the past, we discussed how yoga can enhance breast health and induce growth. Now, we continue learning and developing this further with great yoga poses for breast growth. Time to lay that yoga mat and do your warm-up stretches!

Best Yoga Poses for Breast Growth

Yoga for Health and Breast Enhancement

As mentioned previously, yoga has a long and rich history in India and the rest of Asia. It is more than just a physical regimen. The practice of yoga aims to provide a holistic approach to uniting the body, mind, and spirit to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga can also help achieve one’s body image goals. After all, a healthy body will lead to an aesthetically pleasing form. While most other exercise regimens focus more on weight reduction or muscle development, yoga can be focalized, particularly with breast augmentation.

In the past, we discussed basic forms called Asanas (namely the Balasana, Gomukhasana, and Ustrasana) under our breast enhancement yoga exercises. This time we will explore 3 more advanced Asanas that improve overall flexibility while leading to firmer and healthier breasts!


To briefly review what Asanas are, these are poses performed by a yoga enthusiast or practitioner to target specific points. These forms and poses can both strengthen the body and reduce stress. They can seem challenging at first glance, but not all of them are hard to do. With practice and consistency, these Asanas can become more and more comfortable to execute.

Before you do any of these Asana forms, make sure that you perform some light stretching. You should also hydrate properly, as this will help loosen the muscle fibers. Finally, it is highly recommended that you meditate about 5 to 10 minutes before doing these forms. Meditation calms the mind and assists with manifestation. Think about and visualize your breast enhancement goals, feeling the emotions you will have once they are realized.



This is a relatively easy Asana to accomplish. On your yoga mat, sit completely straight. Then, bend your shoulders forward. Put your hands together, palms facing each other in a prayer-like position at chest level. Cross your legs together, in the lotus or Indian-style.
Now, while your hands are together, press them together further. Gradually increase the effort, contracting your chest. Do this for about 30 seconds, then release the pressure slowly. Do this sequence 6 to 10 times.

This Asana can improve the flow of blood in your chest area, which creates a lifting effect through the chest muscles.


This is colloquially referred to as the “cobra pose” by yoga practitioners. This is because the pose emulates the familiar shape of a cobra on the ground. It is a very popular Asana, as it works in multiple areas of the body.

Breast Enlargement Yoga Pose

Most of the time, the cobra pose is performed to stretch the buttock muscles for a rounder look. This also works great for strengthening the back and abdominal muscles. However, it can also contribute to chest muscle development.
To perform this Asana, lie on the floor, stomach down. Keep your body straight. Now, put your hands on the floor and push your torso upward (as if you are performing a push-up exercise), but keep the stomach area in contact with the ground at first. Slowly raise your abdominal and pelvis area. Then, raise your head facing the sky or the ceiling.

Now, hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat this about 5 times.


The position is also called the “bow pose.” This Asana emulates the shape of a longbow with its bowstring being stretched to launch an arrow. It is quite similar to the “camel pose.” The main difference is instead of kneeling, Dhanurasana requires you to lie on the floor, tummy down.


To try this pose, lay on the floor with your stomach down. Take a deep breath then fold your knees in the direction of your head. Afterward, grab your feet or ankles and stretch your upper body. Keep your head facing forward. Hold this pose for about 10 to 30 seconds. Do this for 5 repetitions.
This pose will strengthen your back and bust area. The stretching of the muscle fibers will stimulate breast growth. It can be the hardest of these 3 poses to perform, but regular practice will yield great results!

Yoga for Breast Growth and Health

Perform these yoga Asanas constantly and you will eventually see fantastic results. As with any form of exercise, we recommend consulting your health care professional before doing them. The health and breast growth benefits will be worth the effort.

And keep your eye out for more about yoga and other naturally healthy options to improve your breast health and size, here on!

Random Questions

What yoga pose is good for breasts?

The cobra pose (Bhujangasana) and the bow pose (Dhanurasana) are excellent for breast enhancement. They improve chest muscle strength, stimulate blood flow, and lead to firmer and healthier breasts.

How to increase chest size by yoga?

Yoga poses like Stabdhasana, Bhujangasana, and Dhanurasana can increase chest size by strengthening the chest muscles and improving blood flow in the area. Consistent practice of these poses can lead to increased breast growth.

Does yoga shape breasts?

Yes, yoga can help shape breasts by strengthening the chest muscles and improving posture. Consistent practice of targeted yoga poses can lead to firmer and better-shaped breasts.

What exercises help get bigger breasts?

Yoga exercises such as the cobra pose (Bhujangasana), the bow pose (Dhanurasana), and the shoulder press pose (Stabdhasana) can help enhance breast growth and firmness. These poses improve blood circulation and muscle tone in the chest area.

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