How Does Going Braless Affect Breasts?       

How Does Going Braless Affect Breasts

Can going braless affect your breasts in a bad way? Or is it a good thing for your breasts?

Going braless is a new trend for women — it is comfortable! Although it is not new, Rihanna has been a preacher of going braless for over a decade!

You can agree that nothing feels more refreshing than going braless after a long and hectic day. I bet the first thing you do when you get home is unhooking your bra.

Women are beginning to ditch the bra and opting for liberating comfort. Some are confident enough to leave their homes without a bra. And I’m sure you want to be sure this not going to have any adverse effects if you are wanting to do the same.

Rihanna going braless in see-through evening gown

I must say that ditching the bra is more of a choice than a medical compulsion; going braless can affect your breasts positively and otherwise.

How Going Braless Boosts Breast Positively

Many myths and speculations are flying around on the internet about wearing a bra. Some even believe that going braless can sag your breasts and increase bad postures. Although, there is no scientific proof that going braless is the cause of sagging breasts, not wearing a bra can cause strains in the back and neck for women with large breasts.

How then, can going braless affect breast positively?

A woman braless and wearing silver long skirt

Going Braless can Reduce Pain (on Occasion)

Wearing the wrong bra size can cause a lot of damage and discomfort.

An ill-fitted bra could cause neck, back, and shoulder pains. A tight underwire can also push into breast tissues and aggravate them. Ditching the bra, in this case, will bring you comfort and overall freedom.

Going Braless Affects Breast Shape and Muscles

Contrary to the argument that ditching the bra can cause sagging, studies have shown that wearing a bra can make the muscles supporting the breasts lazy over time.

Long-term results of not wearing a bra show that natural muscles evolve to protect against sagging.

Improves Blood Circulation

Wearing a bra for a long time can feel restricting and uncomfortable. Bras, especially ill-fitted ones, can reduce blood circulation to the chest and back muscles, causing aches and pains.

Going braless affects the breast’s comfort; it helps you feel more comfortable and less constricted.

Going Braless Affects your Breast Skin Positively

Wearing a bra could trap dirt, moisture, sweat, and bacteria against your breast skin, especially if you do not wash your bra all the time — some don’t!

Your breasts are free to breathe without the bra, and your skin is prevented from rubbing against itself.

Although it is a trend for women to go braless (there is even a day for it!), not everyone can get on that trend easily. You may feel your breasts are too small, big, or saggy without a bra.

The good thing is there are ways to ease into going braless if you want.

How to Ease into Going Braless

A white woman wearing a white top and jeans without bra

Do not let societal rules hold you down. After all, no one knows you better than yourself. If you want to start going braless, then you should make an effort to try it out.

You can ease into going braless with the steps below.

Go Braless at Home First

You can start by going braless in your room, then your living room. And as you begin to grow confident, you can extend to going braless to get groceries, dog walks, and picking up the mail.

As time goes on, you can grow confident enough to go braless to work. However, you have to be careful with that. Avoid transparent and light-textured clothing if you are going braless in professional settings.

Go Out with Bralettes

Bralettes can make the journey easier for you. They are less restrictive than typical bras and can help you feel more comfortable.

I love wearing bralettes; they are more comfortable than bras. As time goes on, you will see that there is not much difference between bralettes and going braless.

Use Fashion Tape and Nipple Covers

To keep your nipples from bulging, use nipple covers.

Use fashion tapes to help keep your cloth in place. With this, you can wear clothes with plunging necklines and low backs without worries.

How Going Braless Affects Breasts Negatively

Not wearing a bra can also have some effects on your body. Ditching a bra can cause back and neck pains if you have large breasts.

Here are other adverse effects going braless can have on your breasts and posture in general.

Ditching Bras can Damage Posture

Bras are supposed to help keep your spine and back in shape for a better posture. Going without a bra could lead to a misaligned spine, which can cause pain, muscle strain, and other health problems.

Going Braless can Decrease your Breasts’ Appearance

Depending on your lifestyle and breast size, going braless might not be the best choice for you.

If you have smaller breasts, you might want to wear a bra to enhance your breasts’ outward look. And if you have large breasts, wearing a bra will help give your breasts support.

No bra, no support.

It doesn’t matter if your breasts are big or small. Without bra support, your breast will move around more, especially during rigorous activities. That can lead to pain and discomfort. Going without a bra may also keep you from exercising and doing other activities you love.

How to Feel Braless with a Bra

A black woman sitting in the dark and wearing a bra with jeans

If wearing a bra feels like personal torture to you, you need to check your bra size. The perfect bra size will never make you feel uncomfortable. How do you determine your exact bra size?

Measure your breast size! Check out this article about choosing the right bra for more information. You can also check out this article to determine what to consider when buying your bras. Or, you can go to a lingerie store for a better fitting of your breast size.

Breasts are prone to grow or reduce due to some reasons, which include weight gain, exercise, and growth.

If you are not comfortable ditching your bra, opt for bralettes. Although bralettes may not give you enough support if you have large breasts, well-fitted underwire bras will.

As I said earlier, choosing to wear a bra is by choice. If you do not feel the need to wear one, you don’t have to. It is all about you feeling your best!

Random Questions

Is it good for your breasts to go braless?

Going braless can benefit your breasts by improving blood circulation, reducing discomfort from tight bras, and allowing the breast skin to breathe freely.

Does going braless cause breasts to sag?

Contrary to popular belief, going braless does not directly cause breasts to sag. In fact, not wearing a bra allows the muscles supporting the breasts to stay engaged and strong.

What happens to your breast when you don’t wear a bra?

Without a bra, your breasts can feel more comfortable and less restricted. They can also have better blood circulation, which can improve overall breast health.

Are there negative effects to not wearing a bra?

Going braless can cause discomfort and pain in the back and neck if you have larger breasts. It can also impact posture and make exercising challenging without proper support.

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