How to Lift Saggy Breasts Naturally Without Implants

How to Lift Saggy Breasts Naturally Without Implants

Saggy breasts are a natural occurrence for women, and there are many reasons for it. Thankfully, there are several ways to lift saggy breasts without surgical implants.

A woman’s breasts are made up of a mixture of fatty tissues responsible for the breast’s size and the glandular tissues that account for milk production. Connective tissues are also present. They are charged, alongside the surrounding ligaments, with supporting and shaping the breast.

The breast size, shape, and general appearance of a woman can differ completely from another’s. These traits are often hereditary and are passed down together with the genes. Although it may not be so for some women; however, this is rare. There are different stages to breast growth for women, and breasts are subject to changes from time to time.

A woman’s breast typically starts to mature at puberty. This growth may continue until menopause for some, while the growth period is not long for others. However, it is natural for women to witness some signs as they age. Hence, the need to lift saggy breasts as we age.

Causes of Saggy Breasts

Saggy breasts, medically referred to as ptosis, occur when the breast tissues lose their elasticity, leading to a loss of shape. Additionally, this loss of elasticity affects breasts’ firmness and makes them fall. A vast majority of women may naturally experience saggy breasts, if not prevented. Common causes of saggy breasts include gravity, shape and size, and age, among other factors.


The law of gravity does not allow anything to stay up permanently, which also applies to the breast. Like it or not, gravity works against your breast daily. The regular pull from the gravitational force then weakens the ligaments by straining and stretching it.

Shape and Size

Breasts with round bottoms can resist sagging and retain breast structure for a more extended period. Also, smaller breasts are less affected by the gravitational pull compared to larger, heavier breasts. Hence, bigger breasts will naturally sag faster than breasts with smaller cup sizes.


Age is indeed a prevalent cause of breast sagging. Saggy breasts resulting from advanced age is often eminent if not acted upon. The older a woman gets, the weaker her body tissues and ligaments become, leading to the breasts’ sagging.

The thought of having saggy breasts is often a considerable concern for most ladies. While some are relatively unconcerned, it is a cause of anxiety for others. It is understandable, though, as saggy breasts are commonly considered unattractive. However, this is no cause for alarm as saggy breasts can be either prevented, reversed, or lifted.

Common Ways to Lift Saggy Breasts

Doctors trying to fix breast implant on what should have been a breast serum patient

There are many ways to lift saggy breasts. In the past times, saggy breasts were considered to be unavoidable. However, through several kinds of research, medical experts have shown that not only can women prevent saggy breasts, but they can lift saggy breasts.

Surgery is one distinctive way through which saggy breasts can be raised. While natural breast enlargement is often preferred by many, breast augmentation surgery is considered safe and reliable and is often an efficient way to fix saggy breasts. During the surgery process, implants are introduced. The implants will help to hold-up the breast, make it firmer, and give it a better look.

Breast implants are available in different forms and materials. The most popular material used for breast implants is silicon. An implant is a good option for a breast lift. However, there are some downsides to using surgery and implants for breast lifting.

Disadvantages of Surgical Implants

There is no doubt that surgery is one of the most effective means of lifting saggy breasts. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of breast surgery are hardly negligible. Its disadvantages, among others, may include:

  • It is a costly procedure.
  • Temporary pain for a few months after the surgery.
  • Unnecessary hardening of the breasts.
  • A high maintenance cost.
  • Will cause redness and swelling.

Additionally, as it is with every surgery, there is a chance that the surgery may not go as planned, and this can lead to more severe implications.

Apart from the surgical solution, breast enlargement supplements can help improve the breast structure. These supplements can strengthen the tissues and fix saggy breasts to some extent. However, please check with your doctor before taking any breast enhancement supplements and ensure you are adhering to the recommended dose.

Natural Ways to Lift Saggy Breasts


Lifting Saggy Breasts with Exercises

When considering home remedies and natural ways to lift saggy breasts, workouts and exercises are very valid options. While these exercises do not directly affect the breasts due to a lack of muscles in the area, a proper breast enlargement workout regime builds the pectoral muscle lying behind the breast. Exercising this muscle can significantly affect the breasts. The exercises should be targeted at the pectoral, back, and shoulder muscles. These exercises can help improve breast sizes, prevent saggy breasts, and lift saggy breasts if done well.

There are specific breast enlargement exercises that can help you increase your bust size. Likewise, some activities can naturally lift saggy breasts, and some of them include:

1. Push-ups

Push-ups are among the basic exercise routines for breast growth. They are known for being very efficient and are used for building up several muscles in the body. Push-ups are equally useful for building up and toning the pecs, which in turn lifts the breasts.

This is a straightforward exercise. You lay face-down on a flat surface and slowly use your arms to push your body up and down. Ensure that your body is fully straight and you are not solely lowering your head or hips.

2. Bench press

Although it is a little more complicated than push-ups, the bench press is also a straightforward exercise. It involves the use of lightweights. Lay face-up on a comfortable bench, then use your arms to push the weight up and down above your chest, activating your chest and shoulder muscles.

3. Swimming

Many may find this surprising, but swimming at least a couple of times a week can help fix saggy breasts. Swimming is an exercise that activates the back and shoulder muscles. Hence, it can improve your posture and lift your breasts.

4. Lightweight pull

This exercise involves using one dumbbell or a kettlebell, or even a heavy ball. Lie on your back and extend your arms over your head while holding the weight. Bring your arms into an upright position over your head and hold for 2 to 3 seconds, then repeat. Repeat as many times as possible. Use a lightweight at first and increase the weight, or time, when your body adapts to the exercise.


Healthy meal

Healthy diets are essential for the organs to function correctly continuously. It is also a known fact that healthy meals can help consolidate growth and development in the body. However, you may not know that eating antioxidant-rich foods can be instrumental in lifting saggy breasts. Antioxidants can slow down aging in the body significantly. Therefore, it prevents breast fall by strengthening the tissues and ligaments around the breast.

Eating healthy will also help you maintain an average weight. Sudden weight loss is another cause of saggy breasts. When you lose weight, the fat reduces, but the skin does not immediately retract. And this can lead to deflation in a woman’s breast. Therefore, because eating well helps retain a healthy weight, it can also secure the breast from sagging.

Supportive Bras

There is no medical backing that bras can reverse saggy breasts. However, it prevents the breast from sagging fast, and it also gives it a firmer look. Using supportive bras is great because it can prevent breast ligaments from stretching. Also, using sports bras when exercising can help avoid unnecessary breast movements, hence retaining ligament elasticity.

Furthermore, push-up bras are advised if you wish to make your breast appear larger and perkier. Push-up bras will help to hold up the breast and give it an impressive appearance beneath your clothes.

Good Posture

Lifting Saggy Breasts Naturally with Proper Posture

Maintaining healthy postures throughout your life can help improve saggy breasts significantly. Firstly, staying in a bad posture, such as a hunched or bent back, will not only affect your skeletal system. It also puts the breast in a dangling position, causing the entire breast weight to pull down. This position is not suitable for the already stressed ligaments, and it will undoubtedly speed up the sagging process.

Secondly, maintaining good postures while standing, sitting, and even lying down is acceptable and strongly advised. These positions will ensure that the surrounding tissues and ligaments in the breasts are well-rested. Additionally, ensure your breasts are always well suspended to avoid any hanging form.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated means that there is always a sufficient amount of water in your system. Water smoothens the skin and ensures that the surfaces remain fresh. A smooth skin means that the breast is well contained. Hence, the breast will retain its elasticity, and its shape will be restored.

Therefore, if you are working toward lifting saggy breasts, make sure you drink plenty of water. It will help fix saggy breasts and also keep your skin smooth!


While carrying out any of these breast lifting activities, ensure that you stay away from unhealthy practices, such as smoking, drug abuse, and excessive stress. They can hinder the lifting process and make your efforts futile. Finally, note that you can never fully restore your breast to its original shape, size, and texture. However, by strictly following these home remedies, you can lift saggy breasts—without implants.

Random Questions

Can sagging breasts be lifted naturally?

Yes, sagging breasts can be lifted naturally. Exercises that target the chest muscles, proper diet, maintaining a healthy weight, supportive bras, good posture, and staying hydrated can all contribute to lifting saggy breasts naturally.

What is the fastest way to tighten saggy breasts naturally?

Engaging in regular chest exercises like push-ups and bench presses can help tighten saggy breasts quickly. Combining this with wearing supportive bras and maintaining good posture will also provide noticeable results.

Can saggy breasts be firm again?

Yes, saggy breasts can regain firmness with exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles, a healthy diet, and supportive bras. Although you may not completely restore the original firmness, these methods can significantly improve the appearance of saggy breasts.

What is the most effective non-surgical breast lift?

The most effective non-surgical breast lift involves a combination of targeted exercises, healthy diet, supportive bras, proper posture, and staying hydrated. These methods work together to strengthen and lift the breasts naturally, without surgery.

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