The Breast Enlargement Program: A 1-month Regimen


As you all know, is dedicated to providing the most useful, non-surgical options to pursue your goals of breast augmentation. While we continue to explore and present old and new ways of accomplishing this goal, we have decided to provide in-depth guides to help you through your breast enlargement journey.

A step-by-step weekly regimen can be very helpful. In this piece, we’ll focus on providing a breast enlargement program for a 1-month regimen.

What Will This 1-month BE Program Regimen Do For Me?

As we often mention, natural breast enhancement methods take time. Whether it is through products like breast enlargement creams and serums, or through esoteric methods like the Law of Attraction and hypnosis, time is the common denominator.

We have received some feedback from people using these methods that say waiting for results is hard. But it is not the methods themselves that are hard. It is sticking with the process that folks find difficult. Moreover, they find it a challenge to incorporate multiple techniques in a cohesive manner. This is not surprising. However, consistent practice is what forms habits.

To this end, we have dedicated a section for breast enlargement programs that provide effective breast augmentation guides for those new to the BE journey and those looking for a more organized breast enlargement process. Having a regimen gives you more than just a step-by-step procedure, it provides a means of tracking and keeping consistent with the program.

Just as an exercise workout sets up the routine for a fitness enthusiast, this series of BE program breast enlargement regimens aim to do the same.

What You Will Need for the BE Program 1-month Regimen

Journaling for the breast enlargement program

Before we get to the 1-month regimen, here is a checklist of things you should have prepared before starting this breast enlargement program:

  • A journal: Dedicate an old-fashioned notebook or journal to keep track of things, as well as for your Law of Attraction journaling. Although there are apps that you might be able to use, writing in a journal is more tactile.
  • A yoga or floor exercise mat: For your daily routine of yoga exercises.
  • One of our recommended Breast Enlargement Products: Any of the great breast augmentation products we have reviewed is a good fit. May I recommend the Total Curve supplement and gel combo?
  • Diet: Be prepared to stick to a diet that promotes breast growth and health. A good diet for this BE program should have a good amount of protein, as well as estrogen-rich foods. Herbal supplements like Fenugreek or Saw Palmetto, which can be prepared as tea, are highly recommended.
  • Measuring tape: This is to track your progress on a weekly basis.

This is a basic checklist of things to have ready for the following BE program. Take note to check with a health expert prior to doing any of these processes, especially if you have a pre-existing condition like asthma or allergic reactions.

The 1-month BE Regimen Process and Guidelines

Here is the recommended breakdown of the 1-month BE program from week one to week four.

Week One

  • In the morning—even before breakfast—jot down your breast enlargement goals. What is your ideal breast size and shape? Do this every day. And make sure that you write it in the present tense as if the changes are currently happening. This locks the idea in your subconscious, as per the Law of Attraction.
  • Take your chosen breast growth diet meal once every other day. This is to allow your body to adjust and get used to this practice.
  • After breakfast or just before dinner, perform your breast enhancement exercises. Dedicate 10 to 20 minutes every day for this.
  • Perform the breast massages with your chosen product and system just before bedtime. This induces the breast to continue to grow during your sleeping hours. Do this 3 times a week.
  • Write down in your journal what you are thankful for. Reaffirm your breast enlargement goals.

Week Two

  • Time to move up your journaling to 33×3. In the first 3 days, repeat the same affirmation you have for your breast augmentation goals 33 times.
  • Increase your breast enhancement exercises to 15 to 30 minutes, 5 times a week. I would recommend taking a break on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Continue doing the rest of your BE program routine as previously detailed.

Week Three

  • Your breast growth diet can now be increased to 5 days a week. Take a break during the weekend.
  • Increase your exercise time to 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Again, keep doing the rest of your BE program routine as previously discussed.

Week Four

  • By week four, your breast enhancement diet should be taken daily once a day.
  • Your journaling should now be moved up to 55×5. Monday through Friday.
  • Your body should now be well adjusted to doing breast enhancement exercises every day.

At the end of each week, use a measuring tape to check your progress.  Take note of the changes. Remember, every little step counts!

More Breast Enlargement Programs

This 1-month BE program regimen is just the first step. The main goal of this exercise is to develop and consistently follow a pattern. It allows your body and mind to get comfortable and form habits. The key here is to not sabotage your progress by being anxious. You should also take note of any unusual changes. As we always reinforce, consult a health expert to ensure your health.

This is only the first of a series of routines to create a BE program that produces desired results. Keep your eye out for more in the future, here on!

Random Questions

How can I increase my breast size in 1 month?

To increase breast size naturally in one month, follow a regimen of breast enhancement exercises, massages with a recommended product, and a diet rich in protein and estrogen-friendly foods. Combine this with affirmations and journaling for a holistic approach.

What happens at 4 weeks post-op breast augmentation?

By 4 weeks post-op breast augmentation, most patients see a reduction in swelling and bruising, with breasts settling into their final position. Light activities may resume, but always follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions for a smooth recovery.

Can estrogen pills increase breast size?

Estrogen pills may promote slight breast growth by affecting hormone levels, but they should be used with caution and under medical supervision due to potential side effects and risks.

Can you enlarge breasts without surgery?

Yes, breasts can be enlarged without surgery through a consistent regimen of breast enhancement exercises, diet changes, massages, and natural supplements. These methods take time and commitment but can produce noticeable results over time.

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