Breast Enlargement Aided By Journaling

The current situation in 2020 (with social distancing and lockdowns being the norm) makes it virtually impossible to have breast enlargement through cosmetic surgery.  Let’s face it: no cosmetic surgeon is going to recommend it.

Both you and their health would be at an unnecessary risk. But do not be disheartened. Other options exist, which are safer and have more natural progression. And if you apply journaling to your breast enhancement, you will be amazed at how fast your development will be.

What Does “Journaling” Mean?

Here in, we have discussed about the Law of Attraction and Self-hypnosis at certain points and how the principles work with breast augmentation goals. In truth, there is a wealth of information still to explore. It is a very powerful method of accomplishing things, with breast enhancement just one of them.

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In the past, we have talked about visualization and projecting your reality. However, one of the things that get in the way is the difficulty for some to use their imagination in this way. This is not surprising. After all, there are a lot of blockages from “programming” due to psychological influences from the past.

Journaling is a tool that many law of attraction enthusiasts and teachers use to overcome this.

For the purpose of definition, journaling is pretty much how you would expect it to be. Journaling is writing down things, most common being events that occurred. Yes, it is very similar to having a diary. Did you have a diary growing up? Ever write situations that made you happy, sad, angry, grateful, or such for posterity’s sake? If so, then journaling is pretty much the same.

What makes it effective as a manifestation exercise is it eases out the difficulty of using imagination. Most everyone can write. Writing your intention helps you to project your thoughts and intentions into being. By using journaling, the difficulty of focusing on your intentions falls away. Or at least, relaxes you into forming a habit with manifestation.

How Do You Use Journaling for Breast Enlargement?

Before specifically going to the central intention of breast enlargement, let us first disseminate how to do journaling properly.

  • Focus – First, remember that the goal of journaling is to provide you with FOCUS. There are a lot of things that can distract us from our manifestation practices. Having a journal gives you a physical, tangible means of keeping your attention on accomplishing your goals. In a way, it is like a wizard’s spell book, if you like a pop culture analogy.
  • Old school – On that note, make sure to use a traditional notebook. It is recommended to do this instead of, say, a document file using a word processing app or even the Notepad option. Using a pen and paper as your journal convinces your subconscious that what you are projecting is already “real”.

    I know, it sounds a bit hoodoo, but it works. The subconscious is, after all, the part responsible for most of your autonomous functions. But, it is a creature of habit. It can be TRAINED.The act of writing is tactile. This makes the act and the thought connected. This connection is key to training your subconscious and to make it believe in your intentions. As a result, it will manifest what you want.

  • Format – Here is another important step: determine a format you will use AND STICK WITH IT. For instance, if you start with using a Date-Time-Paragraph format, always use that format. Consciously be aware and discipline yourself that you are doing that. Eventually, your practice will come automatically. Again, this is a key part in using journaling to manifest.
  • Intention – Now you have your format and are ready to begin using journaling to help manifest your breast enlargement goals. When you do, make sure to project your intention into what you are writing. Emotion is what powers the thought into creation. Thus, imagine the feeling you would have if your intentions for enhancing your breasts are already accomplished as you write.

    And don’t forget this: WRITE IN THE PRESENT TENSE. For example, do not write like this:
    “I hope that my breasts grow to 36 inches”.Instead, write like this:
    “I am really happy my breasts are now in the ideal size of 36 inches”.This is important, as it convinces your subconscious that it is already reality. By doing so, it will work behind to scenes to make it align or match the thoughts and feelings you are sending out.

Journaling Works and You Lose Nothing

It may seem like a stretch to imagine just writing things down can accomplish physical changes in your body. However, do not discount its effectiveness. And the best part is you lose nothing in doing so. On that note, combining journaling with other natural methods of breast enhancement will further increase your success.

In the future, we will delve deeper into specific journaling methods, such as the 5×5 system. Stay tuned to for more!

Random Questions

Is there a way to enlarge breasts without surgery?

Absolutely. Breast enhancement journaling is a natural and non-invasive method. It involves writing down intentions and goals related to breast enlargement, harnessing the power of manifestation to achieve desired results.

What is the new technique for breast enlargement?

Breast enhancement journaling is gaining popularity as a novel method. It involves writing in a journal to focus intentions on achieving breast enlargement goals, utilizing the principles of the Law of Attraction.

What are the best breast enlargement techniques?

While surgical options exist, many prefer natural methods like breast enhancement journaling, creams, pills, massages, and hypnosis. These methods are safer and offer a more gradual and holistic approach to achieving breast enlargement goals.

How can I get a boob job without implants?

Breast enhancement journaling provides a non-invasive alternative to traditional breast augmentation surgery. By focusing intentions and emotions through journaling, individuals can work towards achieving their desired breast size without implants.

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