Impact On Breast Enhancement By COVID-19

We have touched on in the past about some of the effects of the current pandemic on breast health. On that note, we here at have observed the development and impact of the Coronavirus for the long term. Indeed, there are already a lot of lifestyle changes as it stands. Staying safe at home has become a common practice. Now, it may seem trivial on the surface, but breast enhancement and health have also been affected.

So in light of the current situation, let us take a look at the most significant effects of COVID-19 on breast augmentation and health.

Testing Required for Possible Infections


You should not be surprised that viral testing has become a necessity for those going into elective surgery. This includes those who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery. Naturally, breast implant surgeries are encompassed under this health status quo. It is simply practical to do so.

With the current health situation, major medical facilities such as hospitals are already strained. The daily influx of confirmed and potential virus carriers has made it diff the health care workforce. Because of this, all patients are required to have themselves tested for possible infection of the virus.

However, priority is given to frontliners (i.e. medical professionals and essential workers) for receiving testing. While some areas provide free testing facilities, there remains a limited number of available resources. Thus, aside from the aforementioned frontliners, emergency patients are provided care given prime attention for the testing.

As a consequence, those who are aiming to have breast implant procedures are taking a back seat in the hierarchy. Exceptions and considerations are applicable, if the patient has a life threatening condition or a previously scheduled surgery.

There is a recent story related to this. Chrissy Teigen received flack for her receiving a test. This is being mocked as an evidence of privilege. But the celebrity has responded. This was due to a previously scheduled breast implant removal before the pandemic escalated globally. In any event, this highlighted the concerns involved.

Testing for Coronavirus is now a necessary reality. Whether it is for a breast enlargement procedure or otherwise. In addition to the regular policies, screenings will be conducted. Because of this, any health professionals involved will need to make preparations.

Furthermore, provisions for personal protective equipment (PPEs) would need to be arranged. There would also be limited contact. These added processes may lead to additional costs.

Virtual Breast Enhancement Consultations

Closely related to testing for the virus prior to breast implant procedures is how consultations are conducted. A very significant change is live consultations are only done after a number of virtual ones have been conducted. As with the changes to business, work conversations are now done online. These include platforms like Zoom and Skype.

Thus, breast implant consultations are now also discussed online. These virtual consultations are conducted as closely to live versions. Questions are asked. Visual confirmations are made. These are the standards necessary for elective cosmetic surgery.

The Limits to Online Consultations

However, there are limits to what can be done in a virtual setting. After all, the doctor would not be able to use the required diagnostic tools. If things progress well, a live consultation at the hospital or clinic would be set up.

You must take note that these would also follow the standard testing and safety precautions, as discussed earlier. Quarantines have already eased up in some areas. Also, private clinics have started accepting new breast implant surgery procedure schedules. Still, this additional level of safety and virus testing for will be in place for the foreseeable future.

Healthcare experts are recommending to postpone any non-urgent surgery from being conducted in the immediate future. Due to the fact that the health concern may be in place for a while longer, they recommend setting up at a much later date. This can be at least towards the end of the year. That is inconvenient, but it is for the better.

You should keep these points in mind if you are truly decided on going with a breast implant augmentation. Your safety should be the priority.

Breast Cancer Concerns

Another area where breast health is affected by the pandemic is in relation to Breast Cancer. Most healthy people that may get infected by the virus will generally have better odds of recovering completely.

The same cannot be said for those with preexisting conditions. Breast cancer is one of them.

Most breast cancer patients undergo special treatments. Examples of these are through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This can be alarming. These same procedures are intended to combat the effects of cancer. However, they also have the side effect of weakening the immune system.

As a result, an additional layer of attention should be given in keeping breast cancer patients. This is to keep safe from complications under the pandemic.

If you are a breast cancer patient, follow these protocols. Practice social distancing. Consistently wear your masks. Monitor your condition closely. Furthermore, signs and symptoms should be shared with your doctor. Doing so will help swiftly resolve it.

Interest in Alternative Breast Augmentation

There is some good news. With the added trouble and potential health risks of breast enlargement through cosmetic surgery, the interest for alternatives has grown. More and more people who wish to enhance their breasts are showing interest in using safer methods. After all, most of these can be done at home. It is in your best interests to check them out.

Using creams and serums is a viable alternative. For example, check out our thorough review of TotalCurve. This is one of the most successful and safest breast enhancement creams available. Other options are possible. These can include hypnosis, massages, and law of attraction. You should take a good look at these alternatives. They might be just what you are looking for during the pandemic. provides a wide variety of news, information, and advice on alternate breast enhancements. Keep following this page for more! Stay at home, protect your health, and be updated!

Random Questions

Can COVID affect breast implants?

COVID-19 necessitates testing before elective surgeries, including breast implants. Testing ensures safety amid the pandemic.

Can COVID cause breast infection?

While COVID doesn’t directly cause breast infection, precautions are taken to prevent complications during surgery, including thorough screening and adherence to safety protocols.

How has COVID affected breast cancer treatment?

COVID poses risks for breast cancer patients due to weakened immune systems from treatments like chemotherapy. Patients must follow strict safety measures to minimize exposure and complications.

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