Before You Enhance, Be Happy with Your Breasts

So you have decided to augment your breast size. Perhaps you have chosen the easy and common way of getting it “done”, which is through breast implants. Or perhaps you have decided to opt for more natural means like using creams, pills, serums, and massages. And yet, you are still feeling quite anxious and are having second thoughts? Here’s an important point: You have to be happy with your breasts as they are right now.

Lack of Happiness Blocks your Breast Enhancement

There are many cases of which a woman goes under the knife to achieve breast augmentation, yet it did not turn out as they wanted. Perhaps it was a problem with the procedure? That’s possible. But it is certainly not in all cases.

So what went wrong? If you look at the fine details, you will find that the underlying cause seems to be unhappiness from the start.

But wait, you say. Is not the motivation to be happy with the result of the breast enlargement or augmentation in the first place?

Not exactly.

Not being happy from the start is a major factor in blocking your success. We have tackled the Law of Attraction in the past. And one of the keys to accomplishing manifestation is happiness.


How Does Happiness Factor Into This?

As detailed in the Law of Attraction, a person attracts not what they want, but who they are. Fundamentally speaking, that means your thoughts and emotions shape your reality. This includes one’s appearance (or efforts to change such).

Now, if you are unhappy with your appearance before you make any changes, then that influences your success.

But why are you unhappy in the first place? Is your dissatisfaction of the shape and size of your breasts your own perception? Or is it due to the programming you have received throughout your life?

What “programming”? Think back into the past. What gave you the perception that your breast size or shape is inadequate? Is it due to comments or opinions you received when you were younger or perhaps even the recent past? Maybe it’s the perception you had by seeing what is “ideal” as presented in popular media?

The negative body image you have is not entirely your fault. There are outside influencers, no matter how small, that have contributed to it. These have led to creating this perception of what is and what shouldn’t be. Even the slightest commentary is retained in your subconscious.

Consider reading my post about “Self-Actualization” to understand this better!

Becoming Happy For Better Breast Augmentation Results

So now that you know that being happy with your body is an essential factor for successful breast enhancement, then what can you do to change your perception? Law of Attraction experts suggest taking the following steps:

  • Forgive Yourself – Forgiveness is a powerful deprogramming tool. This means you should not “beat yourself up” over your prior perception of your body. You had no intention of creating it. And feeding further emotion into your old beliefs just keeps it from going away. You will be surprised how it feels like you are taking a huge weight off of your shoulders. If nothing else, that helps ease out the anxiety you might feel before moving forward.
  • Appreciate Your Breasts – Generally, you can do this for your entire body, but we are focused on your breasts. Look in the mirror. Are you happy with what you see? If you are not, time to start! It might take a bit of time, but you can begin by looking at every detail and appreciating what’s good.

    Perhaps you have a smaller set of breasts? Then appreciate the youthful appearance it gives. Do your breasts have a tear shape but you prefer a more rounded appearance? Be thankful for the natural size and how it will take less work to improve. This is just one example. No matter how small the positive, enjoy it and bask in it. That is how you will attract success for your eventual breast enhancement.

  • Visualization – Akin to how hypnosis accomplishes the goal of breast enhancement through reprogramming, visualizing does much to transforming your body. After having a comfortable grasp of appreciating your breast, visualizing will become easier. And the easier it becomes, the more natural it feels.

    It must be emphasized, however, to inject that feeling of elation of your goals achieved. Emotions are what powers your manifestations. So, feel the high positive frequency of happiness TODAY.

Be Happy Now = Be Happy Later

Being happy with your breasts before you take steps to improve them greatly eliminates the blockage that exists to your success. Regardless of which path you take to accomplish your breast augmentation, you will be happier knowing that your beloved breasts will come out better than ever!

As the saying goes, keep your eye on the prize, but enjoy the journey. And for more news, tips, and articles on improving your beauty and achieving breast enhancement, stay tuned here at!

Random Questions

What do enhanced breasts feel like?

Enhanced breasts typically feel firmer than natural breasts due to implants or other augmentation methods.

What are enhanced breasts?

Enhanced breasts undergo augmentation procedures such as implants, creams, pills, or serums to increase size or improve shape.

How do you know if your breasts are enhanced?

Signs of enhanced breasts include increased size, firmer texture, and surgical scars in some cases.

What is the most natural feeling breast enhancement?

Non-surgical methods like creams, pills, and serums may offer a more natural feel compared to implants, promoting a holistic approach to breast enhancement.

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