What Oils Are Good For Using On Your Breasts?

If you have ever looked into using some form of oil on your breast area, you will know that there are many oils available. While you may think that it is okay to use any oil, you should actually select an oil based upon your particular needs. Let’s find out more about what we’re speaking about here, in order to best protect you and keep your health at peak performance!

For example, pregnant women may need to use different breast oil than those who are performing breast massages. If you are treating a wound after surgery, then another type of oil is preferable.

There are two main categories of oils; those that fall into the pure and essential oil category and those that are known as vitamin-infused mineral oils. Let’s take a look at both of these types of oils.

essential oils

Essential Oils – Breast Health

Essential oils are pure oils that are full of natural ingredients. Essential oils can be derived from herbs, flowers, fruits, woods, and nuts. The properties of essential oils are that they allow your skin to breathe. They will not block air or moisture and they allow your skin to stay soft and supple.

This type of oil is perfect for using on your breasts when massaging with essential oils. It is one of the most recommended forms of natural breast enhancement. Holistic practitioners suggest using olive oil or sunflower seed oil on your breasts after having any type of breast exam performed. The oil encourages your circulation and also helps to remove waste from your lymph system.

Pregnant women should use essential oils to help keep your breast tissue soft and supple. In addition, this will help keep your fluids circulating in your breasts. During breastfeeding, you do not want to use any powerful scented oils. Furthermore, some of the most common essential oils are cedarwood and lavender oils. These have been shown to help you relax and are used by holistic practitioners regularly.

Vitamin-Infused Oils – Breast Health

Vitamin-infused mineral oils are made from synthetic materials (usually petroleum). This type of mineral oil is used to add a barrier to your skin. These oils do not blend into your skin or produce any moisture. What they do is stay on your skin and act as a sealant, locking in any air and moisture that was there.

The biggest benefit of using mineral oils is for treating wounds and helping to fight infections. You should use a vitamin-infused mineral oil after having surgery of any kind, including breast augmentation surgery.

One of the most commonly used mineral oils are those that have been infused with Vitamin E. This vitamin is known to have lots of healing properties and using this oil helps to block more air and moisture. It is best used on wounds and incisions that are covered as they need to have any air blocked.

Further Tips Regarding Oils For Breast Health

You would not want to use a Vitamin E oil on your breasts if you have any redness, rashes or skin blotches. These conditions require air to help them clear up.

cocoa butter

If you are trying to clear up scar tissue or stretch marks, your best choices in oil would be cocoa or shea butter that has some Vitamin E in it. This has been shown to be the best remedy in these situations.

Remember that it is possible to be allergic or sensitive to both essential oils and/or mineral oils. If your skin is more sensitive, then test a sample of the oil or an area of your skin first. Also, keep in mind that some essential oils have a very strong aroma, you may want to test this out as well before using.

Finally, consult your doctor or primary physician if you have further questions, and especially if you have pre-existing health conditions that you think may interfere with oil treatment.

Random Questions

Can I apply oil on my breast?

Yes, applying certain oils on your breasts can have various benefits depending on your needs, such as massage, moisturizing, or healing after surgery.

Is it good to put olive oil on your breasts?

Yes, olive oil is recommended for breast massage, aiding circulation and promoting soft, supple skin.

Should I massage my breasts with oil?

Breast massage with suitable oils like essential oils or vitamin-infused mineral oils is often recommended for circulation, softening, and potential health benefits.

How long do you leave castor oil on your breasts?

The duration may vary, but typically, you can leave castor oil on your breasts for about 15-20 minutes during a massage or as recommended by your practitioner.

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