Make Your Breast Enlargement Goals A Self-fulfilling Prophecy

The Self-fulfilling Prophecy and Your Breast Enlargement Goals

Have you ever spoken something out loud for one reason or another, and then later, the event you talked about actually came to pass? This is actually a phenomenon that some refer to as the “self-fulfilling prophecy.” It is actually a manifestation rooted in the principles of the law of attraction.

How can you use knowledge of this self-fulfilling prophecy for your breast enlargement goals? Read on to learn more!

What Constitutes a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

The definition itself came from Robert K. Merton. He wrote that a self-fulfilling prophecy is “a false definition of the situation evoking a behavior which makes the originally false conception come true” (Merton, 1968, p. 477). You might find this a little perplexing, as the words used to describe the idea are quite vague. Simply put, Merton’s definition implies that saying the words out loud (or in thought) of something that actually happens is simply a matter of coincidence.

But is it always simply a matter of circumstance? Let us say a woman starts her day by saying, “I don’t feel like things will go my way at work today.” Later on, she feels a lot of stress as she goes about just traveling to the office due to traffic. And then, she experiences problems with her co-workers. By the end of the day, she suffers an anxiety attack looking back at the events of the past working hours.

Was this a self-fulfilling prophecy? Yes, it was. Was it purely coincidental? One can argue that it was not. But what matters here is that the words the woman stated in the example were fulfilled. However, could it have been avoided? Absolutely.

Here at, we promote the power of the Law of Attraction. And we adhere to the basic idea that the power to make things happen is in one’s hands—and only by acknowledging our empowerment can we truly take action. Everything in the universe is energy with varying frequencies. The Law of Attraction teaches us that aligning our personal frequencies to positive and negative energies dictates the outcome.

In relation to this, we take a look at one of the most basic principles of using the Law of Attraction (LOA): “Speaking it Into Being.”Self-Fulfilling Prophecy-Breast-Enlargement

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and The Law of Attraction

Affirming a situation that you presume may occur in your life is powerful. Words have power because they translate into something that was birthed in the mind. And what is thought if it is not energy? Hence, just saying what came from your thoughts is imposing your will into reality. Knowing this, the idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy becomes a form of manifestation, not a random occurrence that coincidentally aligns with what you said.

If you want another example, then how about the often mentioned placebo effect? In brief, the placebo effect is when a patient is cured of their malady by simply believing that the treatment they received is adequate, even if it is actually just something like a sugar pill (which has no healing features by itself). The placebo effect is a classic example of what a self-fulfilling prophecy can be.

Knowing this, you can surmise that the self-fulfilling prophecy is a double-edged sword. It has positive and negative connotations. Furthermore, since you already know the power you wield by simply putting an event into words, well, then why not make it work in your favor? Take the aforementioned example of the woman that manifested a bad workday. If she began by saying, “today is going to be a great day at work,” with earnest belief, then it is more likely that she would have had a good day.

Is it really that simple? But of course, it is. However, as with any practice of LOA, it takes time and persistence to master. And the key element is not just saying the words; it’s the strength in your resolve to believe in what you’re saying. Without the emotional content charging the self-fulfilling prophecy, then they are unlikely to be realized. Keep that in mind!

Breast Enlargement through Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Now that you are aware of the principles and mechanics behind the self-fulfilling prophecy, how can you use this knowledge for your breast enlargement journey?

  • Set your expectations, but on your own terms. Start with your goals. First, say what they are. And live as if what you stated is already true. That is the most basic execution of self-prophecy.
  • Consider your breast augmentation expectations. What shape and size do you picture your breasts to be when they are at their peak? You can do this at the start of the day to cement the image throughout the day. Also, smile and feel the emotion wash over and within you. Self-love is essential in building up your resolve and empowerment!
  • Neville Goddard, one of the most prominent figures in the principles of manifestation, promoted the idea of mantras to accomplish one’s goals. Thus, go about your day assuming your wish has been fulfilled. Feel the sense of fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction that go along with it. You should emulate the experience of that self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Don’t stop. Keep emulating the energies and the emotional synchronization of the self-fulfilling prophecy as if it has already happened. For instance, consider how oracles in ancient times used their mythical prophetic powers daily to serve every visitor to Delphi. Consistency and focus reap great rewards on your breast enhancement journey!
  • Let your subconscious get comfortable with it. Do not resist or create blockages. Don’t sabotage yourself in the process. You are the operant power that will make your self-fulfilling prophecy transmute into reality.

Predict the Future by Making it Today

The parameters that make a self-fulfilling prophecy seem like whimsical wish fulfillment. But that is actually what it is. So declare your self-fulfilling prophecy as part of your breast enhancement practice and feel your wishes become fulfilled.

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Random Questions

What is an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy?

An example could be a woman foreseeing a negative workday and experiencing stress and problems, which align with her prediction, reinforcing her initial belief.

How do you create a self-fulfilling prophecy?

By affirming a desired outcome, believing it to be true, and aligning actions and thoughts with that belief, harnessing the power of the subconscious mind.

What are the 4 stages of self-fulfilling prophecy?

The stages include perception, expectation, behavior, and results, wherein one’s beliefs influence their actions, shaping outcomes.

What is Merton’s self-fulfilling prophecy?

Merton’s concept involves a false belief leading to behaviors that make the belief come true, highlighting the power of perception in shaping reality.

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