Silicone More Dangerous Than Surgery?

In case you did not know, breast implant surgeries are still by far the most dangerous breast enlargement option available to date. It is not something to take lightly. But is the surgery the higher risk, or is it the silicone that incurs a potential risk factor?

The Harsh Reality of Breast Implant Surgeries

A study was conducted quite recently that revealed how 80% of women who underwent a surgical implant procedure, never questioned the plastic surgeon’s qualifications. It was assumed that the doctor knew what he was doing. Many women even admitted – after the fact – that they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. That is a troubling situation, to say the least.

Example: The majority of these women complained that they were not warned adequately of possible side effects from the implants, and those that started having issues learned very quickly that fixing them meant more money out of their own pocket. They realized that they had agreed to take all risks upon themselves when they signed the contract form before the surgery.

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Protecting Ourselves When Choosing to Undergo Surgery – Or Not

Now, it is argued that “surgical mishaps” with breast implant surgery are very rare. However, it is still a critical point to consider. In my opinion, women should be aware and take into account the fact that these potential hazards do happen.

Honestly, we all like to think that we are invincible and that nothing can touch us. But the reality is this: if it has happened before, it will happen again. And there is no denying that it could happen to the best of us. Hence, I urge women who consider getting breast implants to do thorough research beforehand. It is simply prudent to do so.
Related to this, there have been numerous advancements made over the decades in the quality and safety of saline and silicone implants. Yet, the Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) scandal serves as a reminder of just how risky and potentially dangerous they still are. It puts things into perspective.

As it turns out, the operation itself is not what should be feared the most when getting implants. It is the material that the implants are made of is what can cause health concerns. Ultimately, it can even kill a person in the long run. This is why I highly recommend looking at alternatives.

Opt For Natural Remedies

In the final scheme of things, I believe that implant surgeries do have their place. However, it should be reserved for reconstructive purposes only. For example: it should be done for a woman who loses her breast due to cancer or another health concern.

On the other hand, most other enhancements can be made with natural breast enhancement methods. And there are products, as shown on other pages of this site that are natural and safer. There is just no need for women to risk their health. At worst, they could lose their life. That is not a good trade off just to get better looking breasts.

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No one cares for “fake” breasts. It is more about the aesthetic rather than how it is produced. Therefore, we might as well save ourselves the money, eliminate all the risks, and get ourselves a beautiful set of “real” breasts with natural breast enhancement options. Natural is the way to go!

Common Questions

How safe are breast implants now?

While advancements have been made, risks persist. Research thoroughly and consider alternatives.

Are breast implants high risk?

Yes, they pose risks. Surgical mishaps are rare, but the material can cause health concerns.

What percentage of breast implants have complications?

Complication rates vary, but potential risks, including rare surgical mishaps and material concerns, exist.

Can you avoid breast implant illness?

Opting for natural breast enhancement methods is a safer alternative, eliminating the risks associated with implants.

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