Rowing For Breast Health

Women who have undergone any type of breast surgery are often left with a lot of swelling in the underarm area. The medical term for this is lymphedema and it is a very common occurrence after surgery. This happens in women who have had breast implants or who have had a mastectomy.

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Unfortunately, this condition can be totally debilitating and very painful. It can affect your arm and your hand. At one time, doctors recommended that women with this condition allowed their arm to heal and suggested that they not use their arm that much.

However, this has changed today. Many women are finding that exercise is actually helping to relieve their symptoms and improve their recovery rate.

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Recommendations For Arm Movement

Doctors and physiotherapists are suggesting to women that participating in sports that require arm movement is extremely beneficial. The recommended exercises are things like canoeing and paddling. In fact, Dragon Boat racing is a popular sport that is recommended.

As with any type of exercise program, you need to start this type of activity slowly. Especially if you are recovering from surgery, you don’t want to overdo anything. Your recovery is vital, and if you over-exert yourself you’re going to end up where you started, or worse. Any type of rowing or paddling exercise is great and women like Dragon Boat racing because of the social aspect. It takes a 20 person crew to row a Dragon Boat!

Even rowing carefully at home on an exercise machine will be helpful. Always ask your doctor for advice when it comes to starting. Find out how long after surgery he suggests waiting and how long to exercise each day.

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Other Exercises To Aid In Arm Movement

If you don’t like the idea of rowing or paddling, other exercises that can be beneficial include any type of weight-bearing exercise. This can be as simple as lifting a couple of soup cans or milk containers at first.

It may be a good idea to begin your new exercise regimen before your surgery if at all possible. Research has shown that women who have performed some form of upper body training routine experienced fewer incidences of developing lymphedema after their surgery.

Breast exercises are perfect for anyone who wants to firm and tone their upper body area as well. Even if you don’t have any health concerns, being able to pick up your grandchildren or carry your groceries in from the car without feeling sore is nice.

It’s these small things that really add up and are what give us our sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Plus, this is a great place for anyone to start at improving their upper body strength. The side benefit includes experiencing perkier breasts that have been naturally enlarged and now get noticed more!

Random Questions

What exercise is beneficial for breast health?

Sports involving arm movement like canoeing, paddling, and Dragon Boat racing are recommended. Weight-bearing exercises, including breast exercises, also contribute to upper body strength.

Is 30 minutes of rowing a day sufficient for breast health?

Rowing for 30 minutes daily is beneficial, but it’s crucial to start slowly, especially post-surgery, to avoid overexertion.

Is 20 minutes of rowing enough for breast health?

Yes, even 20 minutes of rowing or paddling exercises each day can contribute to breast health and upper body strength.

Can you achieve fitness solely through rowing exercises?

While rowing helps, a balanced fitness routine combining various exercises is ideal for overall health and strength.

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