Surprising Breast Facts

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While most women accept the fact that getting pregnant and breast feeding can have a dramatic effect on their breasts, there are other things that can affect them too.

Breast Facts You Should Know

Below you will discover some surprising breast facts that you may not be aware of!

  • Smoking can actually have worse consequences for your breasts than nursing your baby. This is because your breasts contain elastin which helps to support them and give them that perky appearance. Smoking breaks elastin down and this causes you to have breasts which droop.
  • Today the average size of a woman’s breast is a 36DD when it used to be a 34B. Plus the left breast for the majority of women tends to be larger than the right breast.
  • To keep your breasts looking perky, you should try to always sleep on your back. If you sleep on your side you could end up with droopy breasts. Sleeping on your stomach is apparently the worst position for your breasts as you are putting way too much pressure on them.

More Breast Facts

Upgrading your knowledge about breasts not only is interesting, but also expands what you know about the whole world of breasts!

  • The Guinness Book of World Records lists Annie Hawkins Turner to have the world’s largest natural breasts (as of writing this). She is 52 and wears a size 102ZZZ with each breast weighing in at 56 pounds. Wow!
  • In comparison, the average woman’s breast weighs only 1 pound each.
  • No two women will have the exact same cleavage even if they are the same bra size. Your cleavage is determined by how full your breasts are in the middle.
  • Italian women have the smallest average breast size of women in Europe while the U.K. has the largest average breast size.
  • The largest bra size now available is a KK which equals a 20 inch cup size.
  • The human breast takes a long time to develop and for some girls they don’t fully develop until they are 20 years old.

Final Breast Facts

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading these. Let’s wrap it up with a few more.

  • Humans are the only mammals to have breasts that develop in puberty without changing. Once they are enlarged, they stay that way.
  • Breast milk is actually a perfect food source. It is full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and all the fat a newborn needs. These properties help to immunise the baby with antibodies and probiotics against things like salmonella, diabetes, cancer, and E.coli.
  • Because breasts are made from fatty tissues, they can absorb some not-so-nice chemicals and toxins. This includes toxins from things like flame retardants and by products from gasoline. A woman could possibly have these toxins stored in her breasts for years and it is possible that they could be passed along to babies in the breast milk.

Random Questions

What are some facts about female nipples?

Female nipples can vary in size, color, and sensitivity. They also play a role in breastfeeding.

Which boob is usually larger?

For most women, the left breast tends to be slightly larger than the right.

When do boobs stop growing?

Breast development often continues into early adulthood, with growth generally stabilizing by the age of 20.

Do nipples grow back if bitten off?

No, nipples do not grow back if bitten off. Nipple injuries should be taken seriously and treated promptly by medical professionals.

How to increase breast size?

Natural methods include exercises, a balanced diet, and certain creams. Surgical options like breast augmentation are also available but should be considered carefully.

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