Can You Breast Feed if You Have Breast Implants?

I was reading a great article the other day about women who were concerned about breast feeding after having breast implant surgery. I thought this would make great content for this blog.

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Is Breast Feeding with Implants a Smart Move?

If you are still planning on having children it might be a wise idea to not have any type of breast surgery done until at least after your child bearing years are over. Many women report positive changes to their breasts both during and after pregnancy.

It is possible that your breasts will increase in size and remain that way even once you have finished nursing your baby. If you are looking for slightly fuller breasts this could happen!

There are some other things to consider if you plan on undergoing a breast augmentation. Firstly, whether or not you can breast feed is going to depend upon where the incision is made. If the surgeon makes an incision around the nipple area this could damage your milk ducts and prevent you from producing and delivering enough milk to your baby. If they perform an incision beneath your breast, the healing times may increase.

As with any medical procedure you should seek advice from your doctor and from the plastic surgeon. Be sure to tell them that you are planning on getting pregnant and that you want to breast feed. Listen carefully to their advice and also use your common sense. They will have likely considered this also and will have good information for you to consider.

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Try Natural Breast Enhancement Solutions First

Although, if breast implants have the potential to leak, do you really want this contaminating your milk? As much as you want to have firmer and larger breasts, it might be a good idea to wait until you have had your children.

Any mother only wants the best for their children, so if you are still planning your family but still want to enlarge your breasts think about alternative solutions. Take a look at this article on exercising to get larger breasts. Bear in mind that it will take approximately 6 weeks to see results, so be prepared to give yourself some time before coming to a conclusion.

Exercising could bring about enough changes to your breasts that you will be happy with the way they look. My advice to you is to try a natural breast enhancement solution first before evasive surgery.

Common Questions

Is it harder to breastfeed with implants?

Breastfeeding can be more challenging with implants, depending on the incision site. Incisions around the nipple may impact milk ducts, affecting milk production.

What happens to implants when you breastfeed?

Breast implants are not affected during breastfeeding. However, the incision site can impact milk ducts and the breastfeeding experience.

How do you successfully breastfeed with implants?

Successful breastfeeding with implants may involve choosing the right incision site and consulting with a doctor for guidance on breastfeeding after augmentation.

Is breastfeeding more painful with implants?

Pain during breastfeeding with implants varies. Incision sites may influence sensitivity, so it’s essential to consult with healthcare professionals for guidance.

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