How It Feels to Lose Your Breasts

While many women think about undergoing breast surgery to enlarge their breasts, have you thought about what it would feel like to have your breasts removed? Many women have gone through this as a final resort and have had to learn to live with the consequences.

Recently in the news, you may have heard about Angelina Jolie deciding to have a double mastectomy. While this was her decision it is one that can really affect women deeply. Preventative double mastectomies are now on the increase in North America. According to The Journal for Clinical Oncology, from 1998 to 2005, they rose 188%. With Angelina Jolie’s public confession, that number could possibly increase even more.

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All About Mastectomies

It can be so easy for doctors to tell a patient that once your breasts are removed you will be fine. They don’t seem to consider that they will be removing part of you. Once your breasts are gone, you have to learn how to live inside a new body. Your clothes don’t fit properly anymore, you may feel as though you don’t fit into your body, and your husband may look at you differently.

Unfortunately today, the number of young women dealing with mastectomies has increased. Many women in their thirties and forties now have to deal with this issue and many have had to undergo hysterectomies as well. Dealing with both of these things can really leave a woman not feeling womanly at all.

After having a mastectomy, only about 30% of women actually choose to have reconstructive surgery. The reasons were stated as a lack of finances, personal choice, and not wanting to undergo another surgery followed by repeat medical visits.

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Considering Breast Implants: Heed Our Advice

The worst part of losing a breast is in dealing with it afterwards and receiving support from your family. Many friends may think that once the surgery is done and you have recovered from it, it is time to get on with your life. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it may sound. You are reminded everyday of your loss when you get dressed each morning and the physical scar will always remain.

So if you are thinking about getting breast implants because you want larger breasts, maybe you should stop and think for a minute. Can you imagine what it would be like to actually lose your breast? Maybe – just maybe – you should be happy with what you have or consider going for natural enhancement options instead.

Common Questions

How does a mastectomy affect the body?

Mastectomy involves the removal of breasts, impacting physical appearance and emotional well-being. Adjusting to a new body image and potential psychological effects are part of the process.

Can you live a long life after a mastectomy?

Yes, many women lead fulfilling lives after mastectomy. Survival rates are generally high, but the emotional and physical aftermath varies for each individual.

What is life like after a mastectomy?

Life post-mastectomy involves adapting to a changed body, emotionally processing the experience, and potentially considering reconstructive surgery or alternative options.

What are the long-term side effects after a double mastectomy?

Long-term effects can include emotional challenges, altered body image, and physical adjustments. Some women choose reconstructive surgery, while others embrace natural enhancement alternatives.

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