Should You Consider Fat Injections to Increase Your Breast Size?

While getting breast implants is considered a good option for many women, not everyone is thinking in the same manner these days. Many women are wondering whether or not they should get fat injections instead.

Are Fat Injections a Good Way of Increasing Breast Size?

Do Fat Tissue Breast Injections Work?

No-one enjoys being “under the knife” as the saying goes. If we can get what we want without getting surgery, would we not opt for that less invasive procedure instead?

It certainly is the argument in favour for fat injections over breast implants.

The good new is, this method does work and can provide women with the same result as getting implants would.

On the positive side the argument for getting fat injections is that they offer a ton of visual improvements for women. A huge advantage is that they do not have any of the side effects associated with implants. This includes having to deal with possible leaking or ruptured breasts.


How do Fat Injections Work?

The procedure for fat injections include taking fat from the patient. The fat is usually taken from the rear of the woman’s thigh. It is done using a liposuction process. Fat injections can really help make your breasts look fuller and give them a nice round appearance.

If you have what most women refer to as sagging breasts, fat injections can help you with this as well. As can breasts that are scarred or have a lot of dimples in them. Any small abnormalities can be filled by using fat injections.

Advantages of Fat Injections

Implants have the disadvantage of not being as soft as the natural breast. Sometimes a woman’s breast will not feel as soft and natural after the implant has been inserted.

With a fat injection, your own body fat has been used. This means that your breast will remain 100% natural and will still feel natural when touched.

Disadvantages of Fat Injections

There is one major concern that fat injections raise though. This is that if they can cause mammograms to be misdiagnosed. A fat injection can cause lumps in the breast and a radiologist may overlook them.

So it is important to inform your radiologist if you have had fat injections. This way they can be more careful when looking at the results, though  a wrong diagnosis could still occur.

Things to Consider

If you are considering getting fat injections make sure you think about this very seriously. While you may be young and healthy now, is it worth doing something that has the potential to harm you later on in life?

If you have a family history of breast issues or had a mother or sister with breast cancer, this may not be your best option. Remember that you do still have plenty of other alternatives when it comes to breast enhancement.

Other even more natural options include breast enhancement massages, using nature-based serums, herbal supplement pills, and even hypnotics.

Common Questions

What is the downside of breast fat transfer?

Fat injections may interfere with mammograms, potentially leading to misdiagnosis. It’s important to inform radiologists if you’ve had fat injections to ensure accurate readings.

How long will fat transfer to breast last?

Results vary, but fat injections can provide long-lasting enhancement. However, some fat may be reabsorbed by the body over time, requiring touch-up procedures.

Can you get injections to make your breasts bigger?

Yes, fat injections can increase breast size. They offer a natural alternative to implants, using the patient’s own fat for enhancement.

How much fat is needed to increase breast size?

The amount of fat needed depends on individual goals and anatomy. Typically, several hundred milliliters of fat are transferred per breast for noticeable augmentation.

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