Educating Teens on Breast Cancer

While the rates of breast cancer are decreasing, it is widely accepted that early detection is key. This is one reason why many schools are now taking the time to educate teenagers on this subject.

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Living a healthy life is important for everyone and knowing what signs to look for in all the major diseases is crucial. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high and this can lead to children developing diabetes, heart problems and even some forms of cancer.Educating teens while they are still in school on all aspects of their health is one way to help reduce the rates of cancer even further. Learning and resources will set us free. We have the power to set our families up for healthy lifestyles that last generations.

Educating Young Women on Breast Cancer

Many communities have programs in place to help educate teens on breast cancer in particular. One in Canada is the Pink Tulip Foundation. Their goal is to educate teens and make them aware of the risks of this disease. In addition, they get them involved in various fundraising activities.

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2013, 232,340 new cases of breast cancer will be reported and sadly about 39,620 women will die from the disease.

While breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in women there are also 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the United States alone.

Breast Cancer Awareness and You

Breast cancer awareness is in part responsible for the decline in the disease. Rates have dropped significantly since 2000. This was also the year when a report was published on hormone therapy and menopausal women. A study was released that linked hormone therapy to increased risks of breast cancer. Many women decided to stop using this method and numbers have declined ever since.

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With these findings, it only makes sense to educate teenagers on the disease. This way they know what to look for and where to go to for advice and treatment if necessary. Plus, making them aware of their health leads them into a healthier lifestyle overall.

Be an Example For Your Children

Children follow the habits of their friends and family. As adults and parents, it is our responsibility to teach them good habits in the first place. Teachers are wonderful for this and many teens respond well to their teacher at school. It is great to see these actions being taken and hopefully this will lead to further decreases in the statistics.

Education begins at home and children are never too young to begin learning how to take care of themselves.

Random Questions

Can a teenager have breast cancer?

Yes, although rare, teenagers can develop breast cancer. It’s crucial to be aware of any changes and consult a healthcare professional for evaluation.

What are the chances of a 15-year-old getting breast cancer?

The chances are low, but it’s essential for teenagers to be aware of breast health. Any concerns should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

Why does my 12-year-old have a lump in her breast?

Puberty can bring breast development, including lumps. If concerned, consult a healthcare professional for guidance and assessment.

What is the youngest age for breast cancer?

While uncommon, breast cancer can occur at any age, even in very young individuals. Early detection and awareness are crucial for all age groups.

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