Herbal Products for Breast Enlargement

9 May

Assorted basil herbs
Several herbal products are available for breast enlargement that claims success and no harmful side effects.  Although no scientific studies claim the herbs are effect, women have used it successfully for many years.  Most of these herbal products contain a variety of ingredients, including grains, hops, saw palmetto, wild yam, kava, fennel, black cohosh, and fenugreek.  Some dietary supplements contain substrates for Fusarium, a fungus that produces a potent estrogen associated with breast enlargement in humans and other species.

When the hormone estrogen is taken in high doses, it stimulates the growth of breast tissue and increases the size of the breast.  Phytoestrogens are basically plant-based estrogens and include alfalfa, flaxseed, isoflavones, licorice, red clover, sage, and verbena apart from the herbs listed above.  The most commonly used herbs in breast enlargement herbal products are: fenugreek, wild yam, and fennel.  Fenugreek contains diosgenin, which can be converted to progesterone in the laboratory, and presumably the conversion takes place in the body also.  Breastfeeding mothers consume fenugreek to increase milk production.  Women have used fenugreek to enhance buxomness and look attractive for many years.  Sprouting fenugreek seeds is recommended if the seeds are used for breast enlargement.  Fenugreek sprouts contain larger amounts of diosgenin than the unsprouted seeds.  Fennel was used for centuries to increase breast size in women due to its estrogenic properties.  Wild yam also contains diosgenin and has the same properties as fenugreek that helps in breast enlargement.  Saw palmetto acts as a hormone regulator.  Although it is used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy, it inhibits prolactin hormone.

The herbs are usually available as supplements along with other substances in a pill or capsule form.  It is possible that women may experience side effects when taking the herbal supplements, and must watch for any unusual symptoms.  Since no clinical studies have claimed the success of any herbs or herbal supplements in enhancing the breast size, it is at your own risk that you invest in any of these supplements for breast enlargement.

Alternative medical therapies like Ayurveda and Homeopathy also have products that claim to enlarge breasts.  Breast massage with sesame oil is an Ayurvedic option for breast enlargement.  Speak with your physician to discuss the benefits and risks of any alternative therapies that you might want to consider for breast enlargement.

There are other options for breast enlargement such as breast augmentation using breast implants.  Consult a breast specialist to discuss all your options for breast enlargements.