Breast Cancer Fundraiser Busted For Stealing

I might be dating myself a bit here, but my favorite movie back in the day was RoboCop. As silly as it may sound, my favorite line was “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!” It is a disturbing sentence by itself – especially if you have never seen the movie and don’t know what I am referring to.

Another line by RoboCop I used to like was when he would recite his prime directives, which were: “Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law”.

I had to think of that second directive just this last week when I read how a Toronto woman – one of the original founders of a nationwide breast cancer fundraiser organization – was busted for taking advantage of an old handicapped lady and robbing her of millions of dollars.


The Thieving Story Explained

Apparently, the victim was in her mid-nineties and had been struggling for many years with Alzheimer’s – which basically erased all her short and long term memory.

The thief – who was known in her community as a very respected woman due to her being one of the original founders of her non-for-profit organizations – got creative and received power of attorney over this old lady’s finances and used it to withdraw huge sums of money to fund her extravagant lifestyle.

Not only did she buy herself a two-hundred-thousand-dollar Bentley automobile, but she also used the money to buy herself a 1.2 million dollar villa somewhere warm to which she made some outrageously expensive private flights to.

Do The Right Thing, Folks!

It’s immensely respectable when someone helps a good cause. Especially as it relates to helping cancer victims. Whether it’s running for the cure or donating hard earned money towards

When I read the article in the newspaper, I could not help but feel angry. How could she have stooped so low and take advantage of a helpless old lady like that? That is just sad and downright pathetic – but I guess that is the reality of the world we live in.

police man and woman

I thank God for the man and women in blue who make it a habit of protecting the innocent – the weak and the feeble in this country – especially when no-one else is! Ensure you and the people around you are protecting by scammers like this. Do your due diligence and research!

Random Questions

What’s the concern with Susan G Komen?

Critics raise concerns about Susan G Komen’s fund allocation, administrative costs, and emphasis on awareness over research. Despite funding research, the organization faces controversies like pinkwashing, disputed research fund distribution, and high CEO pay. Since 2010, the foundation has experienced significant revenue decline and a negative shift in public perception.

How can I cease breast cancer donations?

Simply stop contributing to organizations you no longer support or trust.

Is Against Breast Cancer trustworthy?

Research charities before donating to ensure they align with your values and have transparent practices.

What’s the issue with breast cancer awareness corruption?

Some cases involve mismanagement of funds, exploiting donors’ goodwill, or diverting funds for personal gain.

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