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October is breast cancer awareness month and this means that numerous places are holding all kinds of charitable events and fund raising campaigns to help out with this cause during the month of October (as well as many other times during the year). For example, in October, Run for the Cure races are run in many places across Canada and are expected to bring in thousands or more dollars for this wonderful cause of fighting breast cancer. Together we can find a cure!

One run which was held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada attracted 7,781 participants and ended up raising $1.3 million for breast cancer. This was the 22nd running of this race in Calgary alone and it is sponsored by the CIBC Bank. The regional amount raised is expected to top the $5 million point.

Last year, Canadians were responsible for helping to raise $30 million in total for breast cancer research. This was through the various Runs for the Cure’s that were held coast to coast.

Shedding Light On Breast Cancer – Women’s Health

It is important to remember that there are so many different breast issues which women today are facing. While breast enhancement is a huge one, so is breast cancer, and it is important to take this time to help bring awareness to this fact.

While many women are wondering about how they can improve the look of their breasts, thousands of others are hoping desperately that they are not going to lose their breasts!

To help bring awareness to the importance of breast cancer, many schools today offer counselling and education to young girls. They are being taught about the importance of performing regular self-breast examinations and reporting any abnormalities immediately to their doctor.

Reducing Breast Cancer In The World

By doing this the hope is that the number of women who develop breast cancer becomes fewer. With early detection it is possible to help these women and treat the cancer before it gets to an advanced stage.

There are numerous websites which have been set up to help educate and inform women of all ages about the risks of breast cancer. These sites offer resources where anyone can find help and some even recommend places where it is possible to get a free mammogram done.

It is never too late to help out this cause and many companies and organizations offer fundraising items all year round. Once such company is Avon, who offers breast cancer awareness products in their catalogs, with all proceeds from the sale of these products being donated to the Breast Cancer Society. These products are in the familiar pink that has become the symbol of breast cancer around the world today.

Breast Enhancement And Breast Cancer Awareness

If your goal in visiting this blog was to find out ways of how to enlarge and enhance your breasts you will find tons of great advice on this topic. Our main focus is on providing you with natural breast enlarging methods.

Our goal today was just to get my readers to spend a little time thinking about those women who are affected by breast cancer and those who will be. Hopefully you will think twice before taking any type of drastic actions with your breasts!

Random Questions

What time is the Run for the Cure in Toronto?

The timing may vary each year. Check the official event website or contact the organizing committee for the latest information on the event schedule.

How far is the Run for the Cure?

The distance typically varies from event to event but is often a 5k or 10k run or walk. Details can be found on the event’s official website or promotional materials.

Who started Run for the Cure?

The Run for the Cure was started by a group of volunteers who wanted to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. It has since grown into a major event organized by various organizations and charities worldwide.

Does Susan G. Komen actually help?

Susan G. Komen is a reputable organization dedicated to breast cancer research, education, and support. Their initiatives, including the Race for the Cure events, contribute significantly to the fight against breast cancer.

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