How to Choose Your Breast Augmentation Method

While it is so easy to decide that you want bigger breasts, how do you go about it? Is it really as easy as making an appointment with a surgeon, or are there other choices that you need to make? Well, in tandem with being breast aware, you have come to the right place to learn more about this important decision and see if it may be right for you.

When most women think of breast augmentation, they do indeed think of surgery and getting implants. While this is a method that will work and give you those much wanted bigger breasts, there are also side effects to this.

First do you really have the money for surgery? It is often considered as a cosmetic practice and therefore not covered by your health insurance. On top of this, once your surgery is over, you need to have routine follow-up mammograms/MRIs and more every two to three years. If something goes wrong, you may need to be opened back up with corrective surgery. Leaks may need to be drained. These are rare cases, but still. It’s always good to be breast aware!

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Alternative Solutions To Breast Implants

Your other alternatives include, but aren’t limited to, using popular breast creams, pills and supplements. These will provide you with results and can help improve your overall skin tone and well being. Using any of these products will prove to be more affordable in the long run, and they are natural, so there are no chemicals entering your body.

These supplements work because they contain a form of estrogen called phytoestrogens, which encourage the cells and tissues in your breasts to renew themselves. Estrogen occurs naturally in your body, so these supplements are considered safe to take. Your other choice would be to actually consume more foods which contain estrogen!

Breast creams, serums and lotions can also help increase the size of your breasts, not just their overall health or firmness. Again, there are various types and brands of creams on the market today. These creams work because they contain natural ingredients such as wild yam, fennel, fenugreek and black cohosh. All of these ingredients act together to pump up your breasts, making them feel and look fuller and firmer.

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Revisit Your Lifestyle – Your Breasts May Thank You

Your next choice is to take a serious look at your lifestyle and this includes your diet and your exercise regimen. Your breasts contain fatty cells and tissues, and if your diet consists of bad fats this can result in making your breasts look dull and lack luster. Simply by switching bad fats for good fats, you can make noticeable changes within a few months.

So, instead of eating chips, sodas, french fries, and other sugary, fatty fast foods, try including nuts, vegetables, and lean protein instead. You will both feel and see physical changes in your body.

Exercise can also help firm up your breasts to a point where you will need to buy a larger bra. If you concentrate on chest exercises, your pectoral muscles will automatically lift up and tone your breast area.

You’ve Got Options, Sister!

As you can see, you have more than one choice when it comes to breast augmentation. If you are looking for more affordable and natural ways to boost your breast size, then try any of the methods we have recommended here. Go out and be awesome!

Random Questions

Is there a natural way to get a boob job?

Yes, natural breast augmentation methods, such as creams, pills, and lifestyle changes, can enhance breast size without surgery.

How can I plump my breasts without surgery?

You can achieve plumper breasts naturally through creams, supplements, and exercises that target the chest muscles.

Does natural breast augmentation last?

Results vary, but natural methods can offer lasting improvements. Consistency in product use and maintaining a healthy lifestyle contribute to sustained effects.

Is there a way to augment breasts without implants?

Absolutely. Natural methods like creams, supplements, and diet/exercise changes can help augment breasts without the need for implants.

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