Silicone More Dangerous Than Surgery?

22 Feb

Although less and less popular, breast implant surgeries are still by far the most dangerous breast enlargement option available to date. A study was recently done that revealed how 80% of women who underwent a surgical implant procedure, never questioned the plastic surgeon’s qualifications. It was … Read More »

Understanding Breast Augmentation Procedures

12 Feb

If you are debating about whether you should consider breast augmentation there are certain things you should understand first. This is an area that you definitely don’t want to rush into and make the wrong decision. Let’s start by discussing … Read More »

Herbal Breast Enhancement Creams

8 Feb

Do you dream of having larger and fuller breasts? You are not alone. Thousands of women around the world are trying to achieve the same thing. While many opt for expensive surgery and breast implants, there are other solutions. One … Read More »

Breast Implants and You

27 Oct

Thinking of getting breast implants? They are really effective in case you are not happy with your natural ones. Breast augmentation is a common thing today. Women go for breast surgeries for many reasons. It might be because of the … Read More »