Pros & Cons of Breast Enhancement Massages

27 Jun

Breast-Enhancement-MassageWomen have – for thousands of years – used massages as a secret breast enhancement strategy. It used to be a secret passed down from mother to daughter in cultures where it wasn’t taboo to talk about it.

It’s a shame really that it has gone lost in most modern cultures and that women now turn to dangerous implants instead of natural alternatives. Not all hope is lost though!

Breast enhancement massages – when done right – are a million times safer than breast augmentation surgeries, but they most certainly are not a walk in the park either.

Like with everything worthwhile in life, you got to take in to consideration the positives and the negatives of breast enhancement massages before committing to it. My job is to present both – the advantages and the disadvantages – to you so that you can make that educated decision yourself.


First, the downsides to breast enhancement massages:

#1.) Massages are tedious. You pretty much have to commit at least half an hour a day – for 5 days a week – to get the results you want. It isn’t physically demanding, but it can get tedious and repetitive.

#2.) It is a long process. Just like you can’t get a real set of six pack abs overnight, you can’t get a “perfect set of breats” overnight. It takes time – a lot of time – BUT it generally is well worth it in the end.

#3.) Not only does it take time to get the results you want, it takes ongoing work to keep and sustain the results you achieved. Just as a developed six pack of abs requires maintenance to keep it’s shape, so also breasts require ongoing massages to keep their enhanced state.

It is not all gloom and doom either though. In fact, the downsides I just mentioned really aren’t that bad either. You just need to be aware of them when choosing to go this route.


Here are just a few of the many advantages to breast enhancement massages:

#1.) These massages are free. Once you learn the secret to the art, you can massage yourself or teach your partner to do this for you. The concept is simple and the art of these massages really is not all that complicated, but best of all, once learned, it is completely free. No expensive doctor visits, no medications, and absolutely no unwanted invasion of privacy.

#2.) Unlike implant surgeries or other un-natural breast enlargement proceedures, massages are painless. In other words, if you know what you are doing, breast massages should never ever hurt. They will be relaxing and soothing if anything.

#3.) Probably the most important reason to go for breast enhancement massages (instead of implants), is that they are risk free. There are absolutely no dangers in getting the breasts you want through massages. Like I said before though: it is important that you know what you are doing.

I am not a doctor, and neither am I a licensed massuse. Meaning, I can not give medical or professional advice. Common sense however tells me to stay away from implant proceedures as well as drugs that could potentially harm my well being. That stuff is just way too risky – and is unnessecary risk in my personal opinion.

Which is exactly why I recommend getting breast enhancements through massages. Like I said though, it is important that you know what you are doing.

Here is a short (but thorough) guide explaining everything you absolutely need to know about breast massages. If you are serious about enhancement massages, this guide is a must read.

Also, if you are impatient by nature or simply want results FAST, I would strongly recommend using proven breast enhancement supplements in conjunction with your massages. My top recommendation would be this natural breast enhancement serum or these enhancement pills (or both). Of course you do not need them to get results with the before mentioned massages, but they can help you get lasting results a lot quicker – hence me recommending them.