5 Simple Halloween Looks

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Struggling to think of a Halloween costume?! Or just looking to create a look with minimum effort?! If so, I’m here with solutions. Here are 5 of my tried and tested Halloween looks, that can all be created in under … Read More »

Is Your Appearance Worth Risking Your Life?

silicone injection side effects

Unfortunately today, too many women are unhappy with their appearance and some become so desperate they try unsafe procedures, which can end with devastating results. Why we are bringing this up is because of an increase in unqualified people performing … Read More »

Shopping Online for Natural Breast Creams

shop online for breast cream

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is a question in the spirit of the romance holiday: have you ever thought about using a breast cream as a way to enhance your breasts? Apparently, hundreds if not thousands of women use breast creams … Read More »

Finding Breast Enlargement News and Advice

breast news

One of the main problems with breast enlargement products is that they change regularly. You just find a breast cream or lotion or breast enlargement method that you want to try, when a new one comes out. So how do … Read More »