More Hidden Dangers in Your Cosmetics

Unfortunately there are chemicals in household products that do not have to appear on a label. One of these is 1,4 Dioxane for the simple reason that it is something which is produced during the manufacturing process, it is not a chemical that is added to the actual product.

This chemical appears on the list as those that cause breast cancer and it has been shown to cause cancer in animals. It can be extremely toxic to your brain, kidneys and to your respiratory system. 1,4 Dioxane is so common that you are most likely exposed to it in several products each and every day.

Products where it can be found include body washes, shampoos and in children’s bubble bath. It is in any product that creates suds or a lather. It is found in products which contain sodium laureth sulfate.

This is just one of those chemicals which is hard to avoid, instead you need to look for alternative choices. Try to find those that are certified as USDA Organic. As well read the labels as there other some products that are free from this chemical.

Many ingredients contain impurities which are known as Nitrosamines. They are usually found in things like mascara, conditioner, concealer and in sunless tanning products. Many countries including Canada and the European Union have banned these cancer causing chemicals. Unfortunately the United States is not one of them.

This chemical is absorbed through your skin and can build up in your liver, bladder and other areas of your body. It is very toxic and causes cancer as well as producing other health risks.

The FDA is actively encouraging cosmetic companies to remove nitrosamines from their products across the US. However, it can still be found in approximately 10% of products.

One recent trend is that of skin lightening, by using these types of products you are exposing yourself to a harmful chemical. This chemical is known as hydroquinone. It is found in hair relaxers, hair extension glues and in certain hair coloring products and in hair conditioners. Many facial cleansers and moisturizers also contain this chemical.

Hydroquinone is thought to increase your chances of skin cancer by reducing the amount of melanin in your skin, as well as from being exposed to the actual chemical itself.

Melanin is how your body naturally protects your skin against the sun. As this natural chemical is reduced your skin becomes more vulnerable to UVA and UVB rays. It is banned in many European countries at this time.

Other causes for concern with this chemical is that it is considered a neurotoxin and could affect your brain, it is toxic for your immune system, reproductive system and for your endocrine system.

If there is one chemical that you totally want to avoid, it would be this one. Ensure that you read all your product labels and  stop using those that contain it. If it is not labeled, do a little extra homework to discover if it is used during manufacturing.