How to Use Color and Blush on Your Mature Skin

30 May

As your skin starts to show signs of aging it can be difficult to know just how to use blush correctly anymore. Most mature women tend to stop using blush entirely, this is a mistake. When you understand how to use blush the right way, you can easily look youthful and have that rosy glow about you.

Of course there is a trick to using blush correctly. One common mistake is for older woman to start using blush more thickly. This only provides a false made up look to your skin, your skin looks plump and flushed in just one area. Instead your goal is to have that slightly flushed appearance on your entire cheek.

To achieve this you really don’t want to use a strong lines with your blush, don’t draw a blush line on your cheekbone. If you do, all you have achieved, is a hollow look that tends to make you look really frail and much older than you really are.

Another common mistake that many women make is to put a large fat dollop of blush in the apples of the cheek area. This really does look bad! Instead, you are much better off using a large brush to gently and lightly color your cheek area. Go in the area toward your temples and using circular strokes instead of drawing a line.

When it comes to choosing your blush, you have lots of different choices. Blush comes in powders or creams and gels. If you decide to go with a cream or gel type blush always use it sparingly. Apply small amounts and work it in on your cheeks very lightly. This is a much better solution than applying too much and then trying to remove it afterwards.

A good choice for the mature woman is to choose a cream type of blush. This type of blush helps to keep that dewy appearance in the same manner that foundation does. One word of caution is to buy a cream blush that doesn’t have any of those shimmery ingredients in it. Those types are preferable for younger women.

When it comes to selecting the color of your blush many mature women prefer to find a color that looks more natural. You can find out what your natural color is by splashing some cold water on your face!

Another good option for choosing blush color is to simply use the same color as your lipstick. If you like a peach or rose lipstick, look for this same shade in your blush. Remember not to buy any blush that is too dark or harsh as it will only serve to make you look older instead of younger.