How to Massage to Enhance Breast Size

1 Feb

In my last post: I said that I would provide you with the steps for performing a breast massage at home, you can read just how to do this below.

When performing a self breast massage it is recommended that you use a natural breast enhancement cream. A herbal cream which includes natural oils and plants is advisable. It is also important to remember that what you eat and how much you exercise can also have a direct impact on the way your breasts look and feel.  Eat plenty of natural fruits and vegetables and include items like flax seed in your cereal or baked goods. Exercises such as swimming and weight resistance training are also beneficial.

The  Steps to Perform a Breast Massage for Breast Enhancement

Perform the following steps at least once per day, twice is highly recommended.

  1. Using your fingers gently push your nipple towards the direction of your stomach. Use a very light and gentle touch without exerting too much pressure.
  2. Take your breast cream, if using, and lightly massage it into each breast. Use one hand to hold your breast and the other to do the massage.  Again use a very light touch and knead each breast gently, as though you were making bread. Do this to each breast for 5-10 minutes, as long as it feels comfortable.
  3. Your next step is to again hold each breast with one hand but this time instead of using a kneading motion, you want to use a twisting motion. Twist each breast first in a clockwise direction and then in an anti-clockwise direction. Again perform this for 5-10 minutes stopping it you feel any pain or undue comfort.
  4. The last step in your massage is to hold each breast in one hand and gently massage the sides of each breast. When doing this you don’t want to touch the nipple area. Perform this for a few minutes.

Following this routine on a regular basis is thought to help enhance the shape of your breast. As well as improving your shape and size breast massage makes you feel great.

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