Can Oncoplastic Surgery Replace Mastectomies?

22 Nov

I read an article recently about how oncoplastic could actually be a viable solution or replacement for a mastectomy. This article featured the events of a 28 year old Indian female who was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. As with … Read More »

Run for the Cure

9 Oct
breast cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month and this means that numerous places are holding all kinds of charitable events and fund raising campaigns to help out with this cause. This weekend Run for the Cure races were run in many … Read More »

Breast and Body Enhancements Around the World

12 Sep
breast enhancement

In North America and Europe thinking about getting your breasts enlarged is a common subject of discussion along with body enhancements in general. But when it comes to some countries around the world the thought of meddling in any way … Read More »

Is Your Appearance Worth Risking Your Life?

27 Aug
silicone injection side effects

Unfortunately today, too many women are unhappy with their appearance and some become so desperate they try unsafe procedures, which can end with devastating results.  Why we are bringing this up is because of an increase in unqualified people performing … Read More »