Breast Enlargement Thoughts to Ponder

28 Dec

It is the end of another year and there have been many changes in the world of breast enlargement. Many women are now shying away from undergoing surgical breast procedures such as implants. Instead they are turning towards natural breast … Read More »

Breast Creams or the Placebo Effect

6 Nov
Breast Implant Surgeon

Someone recently asked me whether breast creams, serums and lotions really worked, or if this is something that is in your head, a placebo effect? You no doubt have heard about researchers giving participants a sugar pill to see if … Read More »

I’m So Confused, Please Help!

17 Oct

Do these words sound familiar to you? If so you are not alone, hundreds of women utter these words every day. Why? Because they are looking for help when it comes to enlarging their breasts. Now, you may think that … Read More »

Herbal Breast Enhancement

11 Oct

Women of all ages today, feel as though they need to live up to certain expectations. This includes having a great pair of breasts. This is just one reason why there is so much information available on the topic of … Read More »