Health Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica

2 Jan

What is Pueraria mirifica? Pueraria mirifica (P. mirifica) is a plant found in northern Thailand. It is also called Kwao Krua or white Krao Krua. There are two other varieties of Pueraria mirifica, or P. mirifica. They are red and … Read More »

Understanding Breast Cancer

8 Mar
breast cancer

The medical terminology for breast cancer is breast carcinoma and this disease affects one in eight women at some point during their life. Breast cancer has the second highest death rate in the United States for women, with lung cancer … Read More »

How Hydration Affects Your Body

22 Feb

While you may have heard that you are supposed to drink lots of water each day, you may not fully understand why. Most women appreciate that drinking a good amount of water when on a diet is beneficial to losing … Read More »

Are You Living with Knee Osteoarthritis?

15 Feb
knee pain

The majority of women living with knee osteoarthritis is concentrated to those who are aged over 55. While this can be a painful condition to live with a recent study was performed which showed good results from the participants. The … Read More »