Truth About Implants & MiroVerve Cream

10 May

You see it happening in the movies – a lot – where a man cannot say no to a woman simply because he was hypnotized by her cleavage or her curvy figure. In fact, women often times make sure the man in question notices their sexy features because if he does, he will be more open to their suggestions.

That is the movies though. Does it happen in real life as well? Are men really that “sex” driven in the real world? Does our appearance truly have that much of an affect men’s emotions?

It could be argued that such things only happen in Hollywood and that man are not the “pigs” they are made out to be, but fact remains: men notice curves. It is natural. It is written in their DNA. There is nothing they can do about it!

If you got a nice set of breasts, I am certain you can testify that they have worked in your favour a time or two. They areĀ a woman’s secret weapon.

It sounds wrong in so many ways but let’s face it: it is what it is. Just between you and me, it really is not so bad, is it?

So, how does one go about getting oneself a nice pair of knockers without paying thousands of dollars to do so?

There is the option of getting implants, but that certainly would not be cheap. In fact, women are known to pay anywhere from $5000 to $15,000 to get a breat implant proceedure done. Certainly not cheap.

Money is not an issue for some women though so let’s overlook the cost-factors and just look at the risks involved. It appears to be a quick fix solution but statistics show us that over 60% of implant patients regret getting them. In fact, about 30% of those end up getting them removed in less then 3 years. Sad, isn’t it?

Many more would get them removed but due to the costs involved decide not to. And yet many others keep them simply because of pride: they do not want their friends to say “I told you so!

Statistics tell us that well over two thirds of all women who undergo breast implant surgery, regret doing so. I can see why!

Lets face it: stuffing a piece of silicon behind our breast tissue or our chest muscle sounds painful. And it is. Even celebrities with big budgets end up having their implants taken out simply because they can not live with the pain. Were they really worth getting in the first place? Not in my opinion!

You would think that once the wounds from the surgery heal, all the pain would go away, but that simply is not the case for many women. If it’s not chest pain, they end up taking painkillers to cope with the backpain the implants are causing them. Either one would not be pleasant to have to deal with. So again, are implants worth the risk?

There is a small percentage of women who get implants and are happy with the outcome, but it is critical to note that this percentage is small. There are a lot more regretful implant customers then happy ones.

This is all based on the look and feel of them and does not cover the risks involved when implants rupture and leak. They are supposed to last for at least 10 years, but that does not always happen. Even if they lasted that long, do you really want to get another operation done in 10 years time?

Say they never rupture, the constant reminder of the possibility will stress you enough to make you age a lot faster then you would otherwise.

Are Implants really worth it? Not in my books, and certainly not in the books for two thirds of the women who got them.

This is why I am such a big believer in MiroVerve and have been an advocate of natural breast enhancement options for many years now. I always say you only have one set of breasts. You can not afford the risk of messing them up with surgery, silicon implants, or some of the other silly options available today.

Yes, women deserve to have bigger, firmer, and perkier breasts if they desire them but they should never have to sacrifice their health or wealth to get them.

Check out my MiroVerve testimonial for more information on natural breast enlargement options and what I recommend.

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