Bad & Dis-Honest Product Reviews

17 Jun

Ever done a product research and came across a bunch of reviews that looked unreal or questionable at best? I have and I hate when that happens.

I often feel as if companies hire lame actors to create fake testimonials for them and I guess the biggest frustration about this – for me – is: I stop trusting even real product reviews with real testimonials from real customers.

This is sad!

This is why more often then not I google for before and after pictures. I need proof that something actually works if you know what I mean.

No one likes to be taken advantage of – especially if money is on the line.

Sometimes it is way more then just money that is put on the line. It is ones health – ones appearance – or even ones reputation.

Again, you can not be careful enough and you should always confirm the sources that you get the information from. Are the sources reliable? Are they reviewing dozens of other products with “everything is perfect”? In other words, is there a hint of these reviewers being fake?

All the best in your search for the truth. Don’t settle until you have it 🙂

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