Are You Living With Knee Osteoarthritis?

The majority of women living with knee osteoarthritis are commonly those who are aged over 55 and overweight. While this can be a painful condition to live with, a recent study was performed which showed good results from the participants.

The study was conducted by researchers at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and 454 patients participated. They were all aged over 55 years old and were overweight. Each person was assigned to one of three different groups.

  1. The first group involved the participants being put on an intensive diet. Their goal was to lose at least 10% of their body weight.
  2. The second study group was based on an exercise program. Each person had to exercise for one hour three times a week. Their activities included 15 minutes of aerobic walking, 20 minutes of strength training followed by another 15 minutes of walking with a 10 minute cool down period.
  3. The third group was a combination of the two groups above.

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Results Of A Study On Osteoarthritis And Pain

The success of the groups was determined by the amount of pain and function each person reported. These conditions were noted at the start of the program, then at the 6 months mark and then again after 18 months. Participants had to rate their pain from on a scale of 0 to 4 and they had to complete a function questionnaire.

The researchers also measured the compressive force on the knee joint and tested their blood for inflammation. A final total of 399 patients successfully completed the program.

The results showed that both the diet group and the combination groups lost the most weight.  The average weight loss for these two groups was between 9 and 11 percent. Those who only exercised only lost around 2 percent of their body weight.

Test Results Showing That Diet Is Of Vital Importance

These same two groups had better results in the knee compression tests and their inflammation results were lower. When it comes to pain improvement the combination group scored the best. By the end of the study, 38% of the participants reported that they experienced very little pain.  Their function levels were also high.

What this goes to show is that you can live with knee osteoarthritis. Losing weight and exercising regularly can really improve your pain and knee function in time. This should be enough information to help you decide to start on a diet and exercise routine in the very near future. Benefits can also include beast enhancement due to the type of exercise you are undergoing.

Remember losing as little as 10 percent of your body weight can make a huge difference. Aren’t you worth it? The answer is a big YES!

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