I’m So Confused, Please Help!

17 Oct

Do these words sound familiar to you? If so you are not alone, hundreds of women utter these words every day. Why? Because they are looking for help when it comes to enlarging their breasts. Now, you may think that … Read More »

Herbal Breast Enhancement

11 Oct

Women of all ages today, feel as though they need to live up to certain expectations. This includes having a great pair of breasts. This is just one reason why there is so much information available on the topic of … Read More »

A Quick Bra Overview

3 Oct

Buying the right bra for the right purpose is extremely important. With the correct bra a new dress or top will look stunning on you. So, instead of trying to hide your bra straps or being tempted not to wear … Read More »

Your Height and Your Lingerie

27 Sep

Did you know that your height can cause you an issue when it comes to your lingerie. This is very true especially for women who are short or tall. Manufacturers tend to make bras and lingerie for average women and … Read More »

Are You Allergic to Latex?

19 Sep
latex free lingerie

If you are allergic to latex you will know only too well the sneezing and itching that can occur when exposed to it. In some people it can actually cause anaphylactic shock, which is life threatening. Any type of under … Read More »